lunes, julio 25, 2005

Microbios transgénicos

GM WATCH daily July 23, 2005

excerpts: Canada and the United States have virtually no special legal or regulatory requirements for the safety of labs that work with GM bacteria and viruses. The main confinement and disposal rules are voluntary guidelines. The hundreds of Canadian and U.S. labs that make GM microbes are on the honour system. Regulators in both countries don't even know how many such labs exist or what they are creating. And neither country requires labs to report any but the most serious GM lab accidents.

At the EPA in Denver, Suzanne Wuerthele says lab safety is a big worry for her. "There are no [government] inspections to my knowledge of the facilities that do this, and we don't even know who they are."

"The controls are pretty lax," says Susan Wright, a leading bioterror expert at Princeton University who is writing a history of biowar. "The regulations are not very enforced." ...a troubling survey of 400 GM labs at universities, private companies, and government institutions that got U.S. grants for research on bioterror... found only four percent fully complied with safety guidelines.

"We have grown very careless. It is as if workers and the public are really insignificant."

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