miércoles, junio 15, 2005

Por la biodemocracia, ¡A Filadelfia!

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Biodemocracy Teach-in, Festival and Actions
Philadelphia, June 18th – 21st

Had enough of genetically engineered food and corporate healthcare?
Hungry for peace, global justice and real grassroots democracy?
Reclaim Community and Environment! Come to Philadelphia!

The world’s largest convention of biotech and pharmaceutical executives is coming to Philly this June. Join us to challenge their closed-door corporate agenda of GE agriculture, healthcare for profit, and bioweapons proliferation. Give voice to a different vision of fair trade, local food sovereignty, healthcare for all, community power, biodiversity and honest science.

RECLAIM THE COMMONS FESTIVAL Saturday June 18th, 10 AM – 2 PM, Clark Park (43rd St. and Baltimore Ave., West Philly) Live Music, Farmer Speak-Out, Green Circus, Seedling Give-Away, Puppets, Free Food, Strawberries, Games, Art, & Sustainability Demonstrations!

BIODEMOCRACY TEACH-IN Saturday June 18th to Monday June 20th
(Philadelphia Friends Center at 15th and Cherry Sts., and other locations) 2 – 9 PM weekend, 11 – 6 on Monday Featuring Ignacio Chapela, Medea Benjamin, Percy Schmeiser, Deborah Koons Garcia, Anuradha Mittal, Judy Wicks, Brian Tokar, William Weaver, Sheldon Krimsky, and many more. Panels and workshops on GE Agriculture, Drug Company Profiteering, Biotech and Medical Ethics, Militarism and Bioweapons, Corruptions of Science, and Ecological Alternatives. Films, Trainings, Workshops and more.

Evening events: Saturday: "The Future of Food" documentary with filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia and special guests; Sunday: Bioweapons, US Militarism and the Myths of "Biodefense;" Monday: Biotechnology and the Corruption of Science

DAY OF ACTION Tuesday June 21st
Plant seeds of hope, resistance and sustainablity. Parade against bioweapons proliferation, genetic engineering and greed-based healthcare. Locations TBA.

Questions? E-mail biodemocracy@riseup.net, call 215-222-4711, or leave a message toll-free at 877-806-2871.

Daily updates are online at www.reclaimthecommons.net, www.biodev.org



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